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Are you planning a development project in the Mackay region?

We’re McPeake Town Planning, a family-owned town planning firm that is proud to serve Mackay and the surrounding region. Our town planners have more than 20 years of experience helping Queenslanders plan their dream projects.

We offer a range of services including development applications, feasibility studies, land tenure, reconfiguration of a lot and project management. No matter what size or type of project you have in mind – from carports to subdivisions to multi-storey buildings – our team will work with you every step of the way. And don’t worry about cost either – our processes and strong relationship with the local councils save you time and money!

You want a team of town planners who know what they’re doing and get things done right the first time. In other words, you want McPeake Town Planning. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide advice tailored to your project. We’re ready to make your dream project a reality.

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Mackay Town PLanning Services

With the complete range of town planning services McPeake Town Planning has to offer, you are sure to find something that suits your needs and budget. We have the skills and experience you need for projects of any size. No matter what your development project is, our planning team will make sure that it meets all the relevant regulations while keeping costs down.


We’re ready to help you with everything from feasibility through to getting council approval to start construction. If you’re interested in hearing more about how we could assist you with your development needs, please call our friendly staff today!

For more information on some of our most popular services, continue reading below.

Years Experience

Approved Projects

Development Applications 

Do you want to subdivide, seek a material change of use, or otherwise invest in or develop your property? If so, the Mackay Regional Council and Queensland Government will likely have something to say about your project. Such projects almost always require development approval (DA). 

At McPeake Town Planning, we know how to make your development application process as seamless and painless as possible. We have a comprehensive knowledge of local regulations and the experience necessary to make them work in your favour. As a family-run business with decades of town planning experience we understand your project is more than a plan, but a dream or an investment. That’s why we treat our clients with the highest level of service and work with them from start to finish to make their project a reality.  

Planning Feasibility

Have a project in mind but not sure if it’s viable from a planning point of view?

McPeake Town Planning has the know-how necessary to guide you and your project toward a successful outcome. Our town planners will support your development project with their expertise in urban and rural projects alike.

While the specifics will depend on your project, a few ways we can assess the feasibility of your project are as follows. Our planners can:

  • Assess your project’s viability from a planning perspective
  • Investigate which planning requirements and regulations apply to your project. Such as those put in place by the Queensland Government or your local council, like the Mackay Region Planning Scheme
  • Investigate the challenges presented by the specifics of your project
  • Supply you with workarounds for those challenges
  • Provide you with advice regarding what other development opportunities may exist

Subdivisions & Reconfiguration of a Lot

Our town planners can help you achieve the height and best use of your property.

Whether that means combining two or more properties into one larger lot, dividing up an old family farm with new boundaries or new lots, or simply getting someone else’s input before making any decisions yourself – we can do it for you.

land Tenure

Does your project involve land that isn’t yours?

We can help you utilise that land. Whether you’re needing an easement, to gain access, a lease, permit, or license we have you covered. Let McPeake Town Planning help you with all your land tenure needs in Mackay and the surrounding regions

Project Management

Do you have a big project in mind?

Do you have a big project that requires a broad range of professionals, from designers and engineers to surveyors and certifiers?

McPeake Town Planning offers ‘end-to-end’ project management for all of your development needs. Leaning on the experience and relationships built throughout their careers, our town planners can guide your project from concept through to completion. By allowing McPeake Town Planning to manage your project, you can be assured that each and every detail is taken care of.

See what our customers have to say

Fast service turnaround with a high standard. McPeake Town Planning are an absolute pleasure to work with. If you want fast and affordable advice, I highly recommend their services.

Riordan W.

You can tell from the moment you speak with James & Heidi this is their passion. Recently they ran a social media campaign sharing all things LOCAL real estate opportunities. We have no hesitation in recommending them and can’t thank them both enough for their support with our current properties for sale.

Twomey S.

Timely response to initial enquiry, we got the planning permissions we were after – couldn’t have done it without them, thanks again McPeake Town Planning

Michael Y.

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